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Infinite Globe offers full-range service to Define, Develop and Support software projects. Whether you have the full product specification or only the business idea, we can turn your project concept into reality. We will analyze your project in order to define goals and plan a detailed roadmap to reach those goals. Then we will develop it.


To gain a competitive edge requires innovation, automation and streamlined software development. Infinite Globe satisfies requirements in almost any industry where speed and accuracy are vital. There are times however, when a client needs a customized engineering workflow, focused functionality or a solution that requires intensely customized technology in order to stay competitive. To achieve this objective, Infinite Globe offers custom software development with its Agile Application Development Methodology, which is a globally proven and acclaimed development process and is the technology base to Infinite Globe.Through user interface reduction and supplementing or reducing functionality,clients easily realize their goal to maximize the automation Infinite Globe can bring to an enterprise while limiting the risk introduced through options and complexity.

The competence and experience of Infinite Globe ensures excellent services and solutions to our clients. The highest quality standards are maintained at every stage of the development process from conceptual design to final release. We use the most popular and cutting edge technologies.


The approach that we adopt is the iterative methodology, where the project goes through one or more iterations of all project stages till we meet client’s expectations. We have defined processes for requirements capture, analysis, design, development, testing and deployment. We generate UML diagrams representing the Use Case Model, Analysis Model, Design Model, Implementation Model and Test Model.


Client requirements are gathered. This is done on the basis of information provided by the client in the form of documents, existing systems & process specs, on-site analysis interviews with end-users, market research and competitor analysis.


A detailed analysis is carried out from the information in the vision & scope document and feature list.


The application design is developed on the basis of the software requirement specifcation, use case specification, business rules & diagrams and the scope agreed upon in the Requirement Definition stage.


The actual code based on the design is created and tested against design requirements and test cases.


The developed application is tested through test cases, test plans and user acceptance criteria in the deployed environment.


In this stage, the developed application is deployed on the live server and after complete documentation, user manual etc. The application transfers the knowledge to the maintenance team.


Infinite Globe offers specialized cost effective software solutions to virtually almost every industry sized from small to large.