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Web Hosting



Web Hosting services enable the companies to host their website which can be accessible by the entire internet world. Web hosting allows your website to be connected to the internet via a web server so that the information presented on your website can be viewed globally through a browser. It is essentially the website hosting onto the internet through a server. Once the web site is on a server, anyone who has an access to the internet can view it from anywhere in the world round the clock.

Infinite globe company is one of the leading website hosting companies in Bangalore, India. As our prime web hosting services, we offer dedicated managed web hosting, virtual private servers and shared managed web hosting. An approved web hosting service provider, Infinite globe is backed by the most reliable data centres in India.

We provide international web hosting services for small to large internet businesses at a very affordable price. In website hosting and e-commerce web hosting services we search and provide the best business web hosting solutions for any online business enterprise web hosting. Your web pages are in good hands. Infinite Globe is a trusted name among the Web Hosting Companies in India. We provide everything that web hosting companies and web hosting services need to provide. We support asp, 2.0, SSL, MySql, PHP, ASP, ASP.NET, FTP and full stats, FrontPage extensions support. We also provide cheap domain name registration. We offer web site hosting on Windows & Linux.

Through our Web hosting, we offer:

  • Domain Name Registration
  • Managed Dedicated Web Hosting
  • Customized Web Hosting-Mail Panel
  • Small Business Shared Web Hosting
  • Enterprise Web Hosting
  • E-commerce Web Hosting
  • Anti-spam & Anti-virus Solutions
  • Corporate E-mail and Web hosting Services

Web hosting is a service that allows users to post Web pages to the Internet. Web hosting allows users to publish their own information resources to any Internet user interested in accessing them. Web hosting service is a business that provides the technologies and services needed for web sites to be viewed on the web.

Web hosting utilizes the server/client model to distribute content. A web hosting provider will offer its clients access to a web server that will push the client’s content to recipients on request. Recipients use web browsers to request content from the Web over their own Internet connection. Solutions infini provides the web hosting server and other technical resources that are required to provide a reliable web hosting services for the clients.

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Web hosting services are more advantageous because they are outsourced, meaning that the physical location of the web server does not reside at the consumer’s premises. By outsourcing the Web, the customer effectively transfers responsibility for maintaining his website to Infinite Globe and obtain access to world- class capabilities to control IT functions. The administrative control of the website remains with the customer, though the website is in the Infini server. Generally, Web hosting service does not include authoring of a Web site or the development of database-driven components or code. It is incumbent upon the consumer of Web hosting services to develop this material or have it developed on his or her behalf.